To give a reliable expression in its active-christian basic attitude even in a formal way, the GEISTCHRISTLICHE KIRCHE e.V.< regd. assoc.> had chosen the transparent and -bound to the articles- form of an association.
As well the purpose, as all aims of the comprehensible church act according to the highest commandments of love of Jesus Christ: To love GOD above all and your neighbour like yourself. With that stands the critical effort to link up with an early-christian -and therefore unadulterated - tradition!
In acknowledged general usefulness, people of extremely different professions try to realize every day especially the purpose of the articles " care of charitable help ".
Some few try to be support for as many fellow- man as possible from all over the world there, where spiritual, moral (ethical) or material need is present.
This happens without dogmatism, without expecting anything in return, without pomp and even without vanity. The ambition for quantity is finished by the attitude of intending to be a preaching the gospel - and less a missionary 'CHURCH OF LOVE'.
As relief works at home and abroad prove, neglected problems were taken care of willingly. With that by no means usual but effective paths were used. Help in need is not at all understood as a political affair and an inflated and idle scenery of administration is not to be found in the GEISTCHRISTLICHE KIRCHE e.V. ! That is the reason why every performance, every gift parcel (love-gift) is bestowed upon the poorest of the poor undiminished. That is what our faithful donors know, to which we would like to count you as well.
Do y o u belong to the truth-loving, perhaps even truth-seeking people? Then we offer you, to assume with u s a really very interesting inheritage , namely just like Jesus Christ promised all people and like it is to be re-read above all in John 14:26 ! But since with these lines we less want to point out on us than on the burning necessity of good deeds for the benefit of the fellow man requiring help, we want to leave it with the offer:
In case of interest in this biblical, spiritual way, we will send you closer informations with pleasure. In abbreviated form. For that reason please apply to us.
The increasing misery on our world sets unmistakable criteria. Important is, that we render aid for the poor with your friendly assistance and so are permitted to fulfil an exceedingly useful order. Even there, where others have already given up or not even started !
No matter if you give or take: a good deed may be created with you always and on behalf of it we say to you with all our heart and full of joy
God bless you!

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